Director: Jack Mergist
Executive Producer: James Rust
Director of Photography: James Terry
Writer: Daxson Hale
Concept by: Jack Mergist, Daxson Hale, Jared Gay
Recordist: Mike Fugal
Production Design: Jen Paul
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe: Sarah Bult
1st AD: James Rust
1st AC: Brenna Empey
2nd AC: Riqué Carroll
Gaffer: David Thorpe
Scriptee: Nicole Sheahan
Craft Services: Brock Arnold
Dog Wrangler: Mandie Knudsen
Set Construction: Nat Reed
Construction Assistants: Brock Arnold, James Rust, Riqué Carroll, James Terry
Production Assistant: Sebastian Meyer, Maddy French
Editor: Jack Mergist
Illustrations: Iana Harsono, Jake Kongaika
Motion Graphics: James Terry
Colorist: James Terry
Post Audio: Jack Mergist
Music Composition: Jack Mergist
Behind the Scenes: Jared Gay and Sebastian Meyer

Spokesperson: Lauren Call
Vet: Erica Rascon
Beans: Zoey